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3VKOVO, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer for the chemical, food, brewing, and power engineering industries, mainly of stainless steel, on both CNC and conventional machines.

3VKOVO, s.r.o. deals with metal working on CNC and conventional machines with specialization in stainless materials. Also, we can machine steel, aluminium, brass, and nylon.

We offer free capacities on our CNC lathe, which can machine bar stock up to 65 mm in diameter and separate parts up to 300 mm in diameter. Also, we have conventional lathes with the maximum diameter of 800 mm and turning length max. 2,000 mm.

We can mill on both conventional and CNC milling machines with the maximum range 1,500 x 650 x 650 mm.

Our new facility this year is a CNC plasma cutting station with the maximum plate size 4,000 x 2,000 mm, up to 40 mm in thickness, and a press brake up to 3,000 mm in size.

In our fitting shop, we weld mainly stainless vessels and constructions using the TIG method.

For the brewing industry we make pressure regulators and custom production of small breweries.

Identification number: 28813561
Year of foundation: 2010
Number of employees: 1 - 10

Product/service description

Our heat exchangers for exhaust gas devices are original, characteristic for their construction. Our SVO exhaust gas exchangers are of water-tube type where exhaust gases flow around specially wound tubes of very small diameter, through which heated water flows. Tube bundles are assembled into modules which can be connected, as required, in series or parallel, in terms of both exhaust gas and water flow. Due to the composition and condition of exhaust gases, exchangers must resist high and different temperatures. The SVO exchanger construction provides, after removing the exchanger body cover, access to the wound tubes and their easy cleaning from the deposit of exhaust gases without the need of disconnecting the exchanger from the exhaust gas piping and heated water line

Contact Person

Michal Sura 
Commercial manager

Telephone: +420 774 498 044
E-mail: kovo@sulcinox.cz

Language Skills: Czech, English, Spanish


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